Together we contribute to local nature projects

For each booking we donate €1 to supporting nature

Bringing people closer to nature is our mission. Therefore we like to give something back to nature, so that we can continue to enjoy it together for a long time to come. For every booking we donate €1 to local nature projects. We carry out these projects with our partners Rewilding Europe, Buitenfonds, Staatsbosbeheer and Vogelbescherming Nederland.

Restoring recreational facilities, improving the habitat of a particular species or rejuvenating a piece of forest for the benefit of biodiversity and climate adaptation, each nature project is different. In this way we can really mean something for nature close by, but in a different way every time.

We began with these local nature projects the Netherlands, but recently we also started donating to the first project in Italy, to save bears in the Central Apennines. We plan to do the same in other countries in the near future. You can follow all (realised) projects here.

Current project

Saving Europe's bears

We support the recovery of the endangered Marsican brown bear population.

>> View this project here

Discover more projects

Take a look at the other local nature projects we support! Some of these projects will be realized soon and others are already finished.

Our contribution to nature

With these projects we are committed to a greener planet

  • Start local nature projects

    in Europe

  • 1 million planted trees

    in Africa

  • 500,000 planted trees

    in Africa

  • Start of tree planting project

    in Africa